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Mr Satheesh G Sarasan

CEO, Healthyfish

Mr. Satheesh G Sarasan is the founder and CEO of Healthy Fish powered by Sympan Traders. He worked in the banking sector as a senior officer for more than 13 years. His mission behind founding Healthy Fish is to serve the society with quality products and to engender a healthy generation. Through Healthy Fish he also aims to change the conventional method of fish shopping bringing about professionalism and easiness that will give the consumers a better experience of shopping.

Akshara Satheesh

Director , Healthyfish

Mrs Akshara Satheesh is the pillar of support who empowers all aspects of CEO s vision. She also looks after the legal and technical side of the company


Director , Healthyfish

Dr P Mohandas joined as the director during our successful journey towards our goals. He looks after the expansion of Healthy Fish and other divisions of Sympan Traders.

Prof.Dr.MK Mukundan

Technical Advisor , Healthyfish

Prof.Dr.MK.Mukundan a remarkable personality to our company plays an important role in the advisory board.He gives his valuable feedback to keep the standard of our products and brand.

Saju Navodaya
Saju Navodaya, often credited by his stage name Pashanam Shaji, is an Indian film actor best known for his comedy roles in Malayalam cinema.

About Us

Healthy Fish – Gives you the utmost premier experience of seafood


Our mission is to serve you with high quality, delicious and most importantly healthy seafood that will give rise to a healthy generation. Our services allows you to be free from the drudgery of sea food shopping process and makes it an easy relaxed manner of browsing and shopping for healthy high quality seafood. Discover the new modern way to shop for all your sea food needs from the comfort of your home. No more getting stuck in traffic jams, paying for parking, standing in long queues and carrying heavy bags or getting your hands dirty which are the usual hassles of sea food shopping – get all the seafood you need, when you need, right at your doorstep at the click of a button. Sea Food shopping online is now easy as all the fresh sea food you need is available to you at our online store – Healthy Fish.

Healthy Fish online store was launched in the mid of 2014. With our easy to use online store, you can explore fresh sea right now using your PC or smartphone. We offer the best quality marine fish, farm fresh fishes, crabs , shrimps , lobsters and every other sea food you can think of.

Our company is located at Cochin, Kerala, India. The group is founded and pioneered by Mr Satheesh G Sarasan and Co-founder Akshara Satheesh. The Directors of Healthy Fish are Mr Saneesh G Sarasan And Dr.P.Mohandas MBBS.MS. At Healthy Fish, we are also blessed with the versatile services of Prof.Dr.M.K Mukundan, former director of CMFRI who is our technical advisor. Mr MK Mukundan has over 45 years of experience in the food processing industry as Professor, Principal Scientist and Head in teaching Institutions like Kerala Agricultural University, CIFT & CMFRI. He has published over 129 research papers and authored 9 books.