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  • Trevally Bigവറ്റ Big

    TREVELLY BIG 1400 gm raw fish required for 1000 gm 'meat'

    The fringe fin trevally is a relatively small species of carangid: reaching a maximum recorded length of 40 cm (16 in), it is more commonly encountered at lengths less than 25 cm. The species has an oval-shaped body with the dorsal and ventral profiles equally convex.The fringe fin trevally's dentition is one of the features that allows it to be distinguished from the scads of the genus Alepes, having a single row of moderately enlarged, conical teeth on the lower jaw and an outer row of conical teeth on the upper jaw bordered by inner bands of small, but not villiform sharply pointed teeth .

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Trevally Bigവറ്റ Big(meat)

Meat: 500gm

Price: Rs - 389.00

Price Summary

  • Whole price

    432.22 /kg

  • Required Fish

    900 gm

  • Available Meat


  • GST


  • Cut price


Final Price

( 0.900 x 432.22)+

= 389.00/-

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