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  • White Snapper വിളമീന്‍

    white snapper can reach a maximum length of 75 cm (30 in), though most do not exceed 35 cm (14 in).[1] Its fins and eyes are black and its body varies in color from light grey to black depending on age. Juveniles are typically striped, changing in complete black when adult. The black and white snapper is solitary when juvenile, but forms large schools as adults. They feed on crustaceans and small fishes.[1] It is sometimes confused with its congener, the midnight snapper, M. macularis

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White Snapper വിളമീന്‍(meat)

Meat: 500gm

Price: Rs - 302.40

Price Summary

  • Whole price

    432.00 /kg

  • Required Fish

    700 gm

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Final Price

( 0.700 x 432.00)+

= 302.40/-

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